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  • MBA Pierce Staff

  • Jeremiah Lafranca, Executive Officer

    Board of Directors, Legislative Strategy Committee, MBA Forum Meeting, Pierce County Government Issues

    253.254.0085 jlafranca@mbapierce.com


    Amy Franco, Membership Sales Manager

    MBA Pierce Membership, Member Benefits, Membership & SPIKE Committee

    253.254.0081 afranco@mbapierce.com


    Jessie Gamble, Government Affairs Manager

    Legislative Strategy Committee, City and County Government Affairs

    253.254.0083 jgamble@mbapierce.com


    Sheryl Bushaw, Communications Manager

    Communications, Marketing and PR Committee

    253.254.0082 sbushaw@mbapierce.com


    Shannon Cox, Events & Committees Manager

    Events, Remodelors Council, Design Professionals Council and Builders Group

    253.254.0084 scox@mbapierce.com