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  • Builders Group: The Builders Group is for all general contractors to network, talk about common business challenges and expand their product and general business knowledge. The group meets quarterly and plans the annual Family Fun Day event.

    Chair: Bill Sager, Sager Construction, Inc.

    Staff: Shannon Cox, ext 104


    Design Professionals Council: This council works to bring greater value to its members through effective education programs and opportunities to interact and network with those in the industry. Meetings are held the second Thursday of each month at 5:30 pm at sponsor locations.

    Chair: Samantha Pennock, Pental Granite & Marble

    Vice-Chair: Theresa Phelan, Specialty Home Design

    Staff: Shannon Cox, ext 104


    Remodelors ™ Council: Provides a forum for the remodelers in our association to present issues and programs. Meetings are held at 6:00 pm on the fourth Tuesday of every other month at sponsor locations.

    Chair: Billie Jo Hyland, Hyland Cabinetworks Inc.

    Vice-Chair: Shane Beck, New Leaf Cabinets & Counters

    Staff: Shannon Cox, ext 104


    Remodelors Council Committees:

    Crab Feed: Held in July of each year. Chair: Barb Berntsen

    Remodeling Excellence Awards (REX): Held in May of each year. Chair: Leslie Jensen

    Tour of Remodeled Homes (TORH): A public remodeled homes showcase held in late September/early October each year. Chair: Shane Beck, New Leaf Cabinets & Counters


    Tacoma-Pierce County Built Green Program: Provides project certification for land development, new single and multi-family home construction, and remodeling components, suppliers and real estate professionals.

    Chair: TBD

    Staff: Jeremiah LeFranca, ext 105


    Education Committee: Responsible for planning the MBA Pierce educational calendar and managing the scholarship program. Meets at the discretion of the Chair.

    Chair: TBD

    Staff: Sheryl Bushaw, ext. 102


    Golf Committee: Responsible for organizing the annual Golf Classic in early June. Meetings begin in February and are held monthly.

    Chair: Carol Pope, Landhome Financial Services and Bonnie Buffington, CW Title & Escrow

    Staff: Shannon Cox, ext. 104


    Legislative Strategy Committee (LSC): Monitors legislative issues at the city and county levels, and develops association policies and action plans regarding those issues. LSC representatives work with local governments to preserve affordable housing and streamline regulation. Meetings are held the second Tuesday of each month at 3:30 pm

    Chair: Kurt Wilson, SoundBuilt NW

    Vice Chair: Chuck Sundsmo, Sundsmo Development & Land Use Consulting

    Staff: Jessie Gamble, ext 103


    MBA Pierce Forum: The purpose of the Forum is to improve communications between the industry and local governments, provide information, and discuss issues of interest related to residential construction. Meetings are held four times per year on Fridays at 7:00 am at various locations.

    Chair: Bill Sager, Sager Family Homes, Inc.

    Staff: Jeremiah Lafranca, ext 105


    Membership Committee: Responsible for all matters relative to membership recruitment, retention, drives and contests. The committee meets monthly on the first Thursday of the month at 3:00 pm.

    Chair: Michael Geisen, Gary's VACUFLO, Inc.

    Staff: Kyle McDaniel, ext 101


    President’s Gala Committee: Responsible for the annual President’s Gala & Awards. The committee meetings begin in August on a monthly basis and finish after the banquet in December.

    Chair: Ciera Lopez, Bill Korum Puyallup Nissan

    Staff: Shannon Cox, ext. 104


    Public Relations Committee: This Committee strives to enhance a positive awareness of the MBA, provides timely and relevant communication to members and the media, organize and supports community outreach programs. Reviews General Membership Meeting content. Meetings are held the first Wednesday of every month at 2:30 pm at the MBA Pierce office.

    Chair: Chris Lockhart, AAA KARTAK Glass & Closet Corp.

    Staff: Sheryl Bushaw, ext 102


    Spike Club Committee: Operates within the Membership Committee and works on planning, recognizing and awarding Spike Club members for their recruitment efforts. Meetings are held in conjunction with the monthly Membership Committee Meetings on the first Thursday of the month.

    Chair: TBD

    Staff: Kyle McDaniel, ext. 101


     MBA Pierce Affordable Housing Council: The political action committee for MBA Pierce, the AHC is not a part of the association; it is a separate group responsible for raising its own funds to endorse legislators who support the building industry and provide voting recommendations to MBA members. Meetings are held at the discretion of the Chair.

    Chair: Mike Fast, CGR, MRF Construction Inc

    Staff: Jeremiah Lafranca, ext 105



    Main Line: 253.272.2112

    Jeremiah Lafranca,  Executive Officer, Ext 105, jlafranca@mbapierce.com

    Kyle McDaniel, Membership Director, Ext 101, kmcdaniel@mbapierce.com

    Sheryl Bushaw, Communications Manager, Ext 102, sbushaw@mbapierce.com

    Jessie Gamble, Government Affairs Director, Ext 103, jgamble@mbapierce.com

    Shannon Cox, Events & Committee Manager, Ext 104, scox@mbapierce.com