• Weigh in on WOTUS - Submit Comments by Sept. 27

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    EPA and the Army Corps are taking comments on a proposed rule that would replace the 2015 definition of the term "waters of the United States" (WOTUS) with the text that existed since 1986.
    Since the Sixth Circuit issued a nationwide stay of the regulation in October 2015, the agencies have been enforcing the regulations defining WOTUS that were in effect immediately before the 2015 rule. The proposed action would simply continue that practice and recodify the status quo that has been in place for decades.
    The agencies said the action is the first in a two-step process: In Step 2, the government will propose a new definition for WOTUS.
    Going back to the well-established 1986 definition allows the agencies to provide continuity and clarity to the regulated community while deliberating on a new one.
    The comment period closes on Sept. 27.
    NAHB has prepared template comment letters to help members and HBAs comment in support of the proposed rule. You can download sample letters by visiting this members-only webpage here: http://www.nahb.org/login.aspx?referrer=/en/research/nahb-priorities/waters-of-the-us/weigh-in-on-wotus.aspx?_ga=2.173167019.965908778.1505754560-929846128.1505754560Comments can be filed online at www.regulations.gov
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