• Recap of the Q3 Development Officials' Forum

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    On Friday, August 2nd, Pierce County hosted the third quarter Development Officials Forum. County Staff discussed their front-loaded single family home review endeavor and presented on their permitting system (PALS+). They also shared with jurisdictions the remodel relocation efficiencies gained by strategically laying out permitting staff at the Annex building by providing a tour of the offices after the meeting. Other jurisdictional updates regarding permitting numbers, staffing concerns and more can be found below:


    Bonney Lake:

    • Many building inspectors set to retire
    • A lot of Multifamily (MF) units are in the queue
    • White River School District raised their impact fee to $3700 (Bonney Lake is split with White River School District and Bonney Lake-Sumner School District)
    • Added another permit tech


    • A lot of industrial/commercial development occurring
    • MF on main street with 108 units; many Certificate of Occupancies coming soon
    • Many areas around town to increase density

    Gig Harbor:

    • 300 homes receiving final plat soon
    • Commercial projects going in at the North end of town
    • Struggling with staff retirements and staff leaving to the private sector


    • Commercial development has been quiet
    • A lot of incomplete ADU applications are coming in (residents wanting to convert a shed into an ADU, etc.)
    • Residential is still busy; 100 Single Family (SF) permits applied for at this point in time through the year which matches last year
    • Trying to hire a plan reviewer and struggling to retain building inspectors
    • E-Permits are live yet many end up expiring because inspections don't occur


    • August 7th is when the planning commission will review the reorganizing of the city's Title 18A code; this item will go to full council in October
    • Western State Hospital to submit a new hospital plan
    • Many short plats are being applied for for infill
    • Moving to PALS+ permitting program
    • Looking for people building w/o permits on weekend (in 2 hours, staff usually catches 11+ people) as many people are building illegal adult family homes


    • Commercial activity is up a little
    • Not so much land is available for easy SF 
    • 300 assisted living beds complete (new)
    • Smaller MF projects for 55+ community are also going up
    • Same problem as Lakewood with illegal adult family homes
    • New permit technician is working out well

    Pierce County

    • Looking to beef up staffing numbers to respond to the economy
    • MF is on the rise, like other places
    • 5 schools are under construction; 4 more are coming
    • Multi-care facilities are also being built
    • Out-routing inspections has proved to be 10-15% more effective
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