• Pierce County Planning and Public Works Department: Industry notice on changes in fees

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    With the passage of the 2018 Budget, some development processing and impact fees will be changing in 2018.  The full changes can be viewed through the County web site or by clicking the links below:
    • School Impact Fees   – Ordinance 2017-78, Effective January 1, 2018
      • Impact fees are increasing by $85 for single family-dwellings, and by $35 for multi-family dwelling units, for the majority of the school districts.  The largest increase, $127, is in the Fife school district. 
    • Park Impact Fees  – 2016-51s Ordinance, Effective January 1, 2018
      • Impact fee is changing from $1,107.46 to $1,829.92
    • Development Processing Fees   – Ordinance 2017-68s, Effective February 1, 2018
      • 10% to 15% change (some increasing, some decreasing) on specific fees and the inclusion of related development processing sewer fees.  The anticipated net revenue of the fee changes is a -$30,000.
    The Pierce County Development Center is anticipating a rush of applications in consideration of these fee changes.  Please note, it is not the submittal of an application that will vest you for the 2017 fees, it is the actual payment of the fees, PCC 18.40.  If you are concerned about getting an application in, prior to the fee change, you can either:
    • Submit the electronic request for an application 2-3 weeks prior to the fee change; or
    • Go to the Development Center and make application and payment on or before the effective date:
      • December 31, 2017 (Impact Fees) or
      • January 31, 2018 (Development Processing Fees)
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