• Pierce County grease interceptors

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    Effective immediately: The Pierce County Sewer Division is implementing the following changes for grease interceptors.
    • Restaurants that have less than 40 seats AND serve less than 40 meals per peak hour are no longer required to install a Grease Interceptor.
    • Grease Interceptor design specifications will now follow the Current Uniform Plumbing Code (UPC Chapter 10).  Sizing Criteria is located in 1014.3.6 and in Table 10143.6.
      Please note:  Pre-Treatment Reviews for Restaurants or food service establishments that are less than 40 seats and serving less than 40 meals per hour are still required.
      The new standards provide greater flexibility for establishments that can vary on the amount of grease created and discharged to the sewer.  This change reflects the first of several that will continue to update thresholds for grease removal and changes to ongoing monitoring and maintenance of related sewer service lines.  Please direct questions on this new policy to Jack Niehuser at 798-2257 or email: jniehus@co.pierce.wa.us.
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