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  • The Master Builders Association of Pierce County (MBA Pierce) government affairs program is an active participant in the policy and regulatory processes in Pierce County.  The government affairs staff of MBA Pierce operates under the direction of the Legislative Strategy Committee (LSC) which is composed of MBA Pierce members.  Under the LSC’s direction, the government affairs staff works to promote the following resolutions of MBA Pierce:


    1. Removing regulatory and financial barriers to building affordable housing
    2. Promoting smart growth
    3. Advocating for government transparency in how permit and impact fees are calculated
    4. Working with local jurisdictions to ensure high levels of services and timely issuance of permits


    Under the guidance of these principles, MBA Pierce government affairs staff works with local governments to create a building friendly environment which encourages growth and affordable housing throughout Pierce County.  MBA Pierce accomplishes these goals by monitoring and providing public comment on key housing issues such as impact fees, code changes, lot availability and policy which would affect the availability of affordable housing.  Additionally, the MBA Pierce proactively recommends policy and code changes to improve the building atmosphere in Pierce County jurisdictions.  Some of the accomplishments of the government affairs program at MBA Pierce include the following:


    1. Saved the building industry throughout Pierce County over $2.5 million in 2015/2016 by fighting burdensome regulations and fee increases.
    2. Prevented the passage of a costly and restrictive neighborhood conservation district in Tacoma.
    3. Worked with Pierce County Sewer Division on the calculations for their capacity connection charges and policy changes regarding issues such as utility trench backfill, and construction standards, simplification of the sewer application/review, process and more.
    4. Supported pro-building industry regulatory changes, such as an ordinance to lessen the requirements for emergency vehicle access in unincorporated Pierce County.

    In addition to working with local jurisdictions, MBA Pierce’s government affairs staff works to analyze political candidates who are pro-housing and will be supportive of YOUR issues.  With MBA Pierce member support, the government affairs program continues to work to provide a better regulatory atmosphere for YOUR business.  For more information on this program or to get involved today, please email jlafranca@mbapierce.com.